Records, records, records…

Yes it’s that time of year again when last years records need to be submitted to the SOS/BTO. If you have any outstanding records or queries you need answered before submission please get in touch or get cracking on the recording system!

Your deadline is 3rd February please. If you enter any records for 2013 after this date they will probably not be included in the submission.

If you miss the (more…)

News from the Forest Centre

A very badly dog injured and taken to the vet in Forest Row by one of our Rangers – a small ginger/tan cross breed with a white tip to the tail – NOT reported missing to the police or to the dog warden – please share widely and let’s hope we can find the owner. If you have any information please contact the Forest Centre (01342 823583), thank you.

Pulborough Brooks and the Burgh, 23.11.2013

Bob and Judy, Bob H, Martin J, Alan and Maureen, Shaun, Bob P and Sue met at the Reserve and Judy alerted us to a marsh tit on the feeders. A raven was cronking in the trees, and did several fly-bys. Walking down the slope, Martin found a male bullfinch, and there were fieldfares and redwings in the wood. All the usual small birds were seen or heard , including yellowhammer and redpoll.

Overlooking (more…)

Out of Control Dogs

A lady rider had an unpleasant incident today where she and her horse were surrounded and intimidated by five barking dogs. Luckily her horse was well schooled and steady and she was able to leave the situation with safety. This is not the first time such an incident has happened with the same dogs. A child or a less experienced rider could have had a very nasty accident!

The dogs are a black Labrador, (more…)

News From the Forest Centre – Dog Attacks

One of our Forest neighbours has had three sheep bitten and killed, a ewe and two lambs, by a dog yesterday.

The dog is large and described as being ‘foxy’ in colour. The bites on the sheep were massive so it indicates that the dog is quite a size and rather powerful. The sheep killed were just off the Forest in the Newbridge area which is very close to where part of our flock of Hebrideans are (more…)

Old Lodge Walk – 11-08-13

John K, Alan and Maureen, Bob P,  Shaun, Bob J, Peter J,  Al N and Sue P had a leisurely stroll around Old Lodge on a sunny but cool morning, hearing chiffchaff (first of several) calling in the car park. A goldfinch twittered above our heads as we set off, and we heard green woodpecker (again, first of many) calling. The first of several stonechats was seen as we headed down the hill, being one adult (more…)

Disaster Averted

I arrived at Lodge car park at around 8:20pm and set off to do the Nightjar survey organised by the Ashdown Bird Group that evening. I had only walked a short way when I saw what I initially thought was a helium balloon sailing across the sky, I watched it start to descend and cross in front of me and with binoculars I studied it in more detail. I then realised that it had what looked like a light (more…)

Now is the time to look for Nightjars

If you haven’t yet been up on to the Forest in the evening now is the best time to get up there and enjoy the sights and sounds! Although the weather hasn’t been that appealing the wildlife is still getting on with it. Arrive about an hour before dusk in an open area of heathland not that far from woodland, and stay until at least 10pm, and you should hear the distinctive sound of Nightjars churring. (more…)

Ashdown Forest in the News

Ashdown Forest made it in to the Daily Mail newspaper after a fire raged through an estimated 60 hectares of heathland around Long car park to Chelwood Gate. In the report there was a picture of our Forest Rangers and also of the devastation. Winds quickly whipped up the flames and the fire spread extremely quickly. There is a report that it could have been arson. Considering how wet it has been it (more…)