Eagle Watch

Both Gills Lap and Long/Airstrip have had many avid bird watchers and twitchers virtually camping out waiting for views of the Short-toed Eagle, some come every day to watch. The bird eats snakes and other reptiles so it has hung around an area where there are a fair amount of both but especially lizards. There is only a finite amount of these so food may become a problem, this is probably when the Continue reading

Short-toed Eagle – Gills Lap / Wrens Valley

Short-toed Eagle on Ashdown Forest, 15th June 2014We were glad to see that the Short-toed Eagle returned to Ashdown Forest for another tour around. A number of the group managed to see it, others unfortunately dipped, although there’s nothing to say it won’t hang around or come back again! At around 13:30 it was circling and looking for a meal over Gills Lap and Wrens Valley, then slowly it drifted over Old Lodge. It’s not every day the Forest Continue reading

Trip Report – Dungeness, 31st May 2014

Bob P, Al, Martin and Sue met at the Reserve car park, to be greeted by a pair of very noisy common gulls on the roof of the Centre, behaving in a natural, if unseemly, manner. We were lucky to see a tree sparrow and a recently fledged young bird on the feeders, and while we drank our first cup of coffee, a Mediterranean gull flew over, calling. We’d seen lesser and greater black-backed gulls at Scotney Continue reading