Hope Bottom and Arlington 11-09-2017

Martin, Sue, Shaun and Al met at the Barn car park, Seaford Head with clear skies.  Before setting off we had a small party of yellow wagtails fly over followed by a few linnetsChiffchaff could be heard in the bushes here too.  Walking across to the dung heap we found wheatear and meadow pipit, whilst crows were patrolling the fields along with large groups of starlings swirling around.

Moving down to Harry’s Bush we noted swallows along the path, but looking across the meanders we could only find mallard, little egret, a distant buzzard, curlew, sand martin, black-headed gull, cormorant.  A jay called from the woods and a stoat bounded across the slope.

Retracing our steps, we descended into Hope Bottom.  Regulars like dunnock, blue tit, goldfinch, great tit were in evidence, together with blackcap, whitethroat and a stonechat.  Flora alongside the path included fennel, wild parsnip, clustered bellflower, eyebright, wild basil and bartsia. Looking from the cliff top at the end, oystercatcher and a ruff were on the beach.

Returning to the car park, a feral pigeon and a kestrel were now perched on barn.

More in hope than expectation, we took the decision to relocate to Horseshoe Plantation, but saw nothing new here.

Sue and Al stopped at Arlington reservoir on their route home, but, with the weather looking decidedly unpromising by now and some temporary path closures there too, didn’t linger, though were able to add great-crested grebe, coot, pied wagtail, great black-backed and herring gull to the list.