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The Ashdown Bird Group was set up in 1989, in association with the Conservators. Its principal role is to monitor bird life on Ashdown Forest; the data it collects is submitted to the Sussex Ornithological Society which in turn supply it to the Sussex Biodiversity Council and the Forest Centre. Information we provide to the Forest Centre contributes to the planning of its management and conservation work; the S.O.S. uses the information in a number of ways, including the compilation of its annual Bird Reports, assessing bird populations and status, and, again, for conservation and management.

Our members are each allocated an area in which they record (for example) the species of birds seen, how many there are, and any evidence of breeding. Over the years, in addition to this routine monitoring, we have carried out a number of surveys of individual species such as Woodlarks, Nightjars, and Dartford Warblers. The presence of these heathland birds enables the Forest to retain its status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

But it isn’t all work! We have a annual programme of trips and events, a list of which can be found on this website. We take part in the annual SOS Bird Race, normally having two sponsored teams. We also have a three day stay in Norfolk each February.

If you would like to become a recorder on the Forest, please do get in touch.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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