Records, records, records…

Yes it’s that time of year again when last years records need to be submitted to the SOS/BTO. If you have any outstanding records or queries you need answered before submission please get in touch or get cracking on the recording system!

Your deadline is 3rd February please. If you enter any records for 2013 after this date they will probably not be included in the submission.

If you miss the (more…)

Disaster Averted

I arrived at Lodge car park at around 8:20pm and set off to do the Nightjar survey organised by the Ashdown Bird Group that evening. I had only walked a short way when I saw what I initially thought was a helium balloon sailing across the sky, I watched it start to descend and cross in front of me and with binoculars I studied it in more detail. I then realised that it had what looked like a light (more…)

Park Corner & Arlington Reservoir – 4th May

Although the trip had technically been cancelled due to lack of interest some of us decided to go any way. Sue, Shaun, Peter, Bob and Judy met at Park Corner near Laughton just before 9:30am. The weather was overcast, cool (10c) and breezy. We walked down and around to the information boards in the little shelter and noted how quiet it was. A walk down across the main heathland scrub produced Whitethroat, (more…)

Norfolk Trip Report – Last Day

Brambling [female]This is it, our final day. The last day everyone pretty much does their own thing before heading home and this trip was no exception. For the purposes of this trip report I shall take you through what we did but I will mention that Sue and Bob went to Salthouse again and then to Cley and Holkham Fresh Marsh; Dick, Dot, Martin and Carol spent the afternoon walking out to see the seals on Blakeney Point; (more…)

Norfolk Trip Report – Day 3

TurnstoneThe third day of our trip. At sun rise it was a glorious start to the day but by 7:15am the sea fog rolled in. Strangely by 9am the fog had rolled out again revealing the sunshine. We all met down in the car park after breakfast and headed out to our first destination – Salthouse.

At Salthouse we expected to see Snow Buntings. Every year so far they have been pretty easy to find. This year however (more…)

Norfolk Trip Report – Day 2

SnowdropsAfter a nights sleep and an excellent breakfast we set off for Titchwell Marshes (RSPB). West Runton is between 5-10 miles further east so the journey took about an hour.

The weather wasn’t bad, dry with patchy cloud and hardly any wind to really speak of. For our Norfolk trips this is almost tropical! It had been agreed that we would head out to the sea straight away and then work back to the visitor (more…)

Norfolk Trip Report – Day 1

Black-bellied DipperWe all met up for breakfast at the Little Chef just outside Mildenhall early on a dreary, wet and generally miserable morning. Not the greatest of starts especially with the uncertainty surrounding the hotel.

Traffic had been kind to most of us as we sat and planned the days’ events. We left Mildenhall around 10am and headed for our first destination – Thetford for the Black-bellied Dipper (continental (more…)


Singing male Woodlarks have been reported on the Forest. These birds are early breeders and they can start even earlier, sometimes with snow still on the ground.

Other early breeders include Tawny Owl, Crossbill and some raptors. Nesting early can sometimes be beneficial, it can allow for multiple broods or larger species’ nestlings fledging at the optimal time when food is most plentiful. In recent (more…)


Well unfortunately the Pheasant Hotel isn’t going to be finished in time so we have been relocated by the kind people at the Pheasant to the Links Hotel. The Links Hotel is primarily for golfers looking to stay in and around the local golf courses, it even has it’s own 9 hole course!

The Links Hotel website doesn’t seem to work very well so here are a few details… Their address is Sandy Lane, (more…)

ABG Norfolk Trip 2013

Doesn’t time fly! Our Norfolk trip this year had to be postponed until the Pheasant Hotel re-opens after renovations by the new owners, Kelling Estates. At one point it looked like the trip would be cancelled as there was a breakdown in communications between ourselves and the new manager of the hotel.

With (hopefully!) these problems all resolved below is a suggested programme of events, comments (more…)