Bad Weather

It’s been a while since a the last posting on this website, sorry ’bout that!

The bad weather has been causing both us and the birds a great deal of problems. Well actually to be fair, the birds are probably affected more as they have to live outside enduring all the weather night and day. Suffice to say it’s been horrid out there and this has put a real damper on both recording and group outings.

The muddled seasons and rain must’ve caused all sorts of problems both with migration and nesting. The continual rain and general bad weather would most likely put huge pressure on adult birds to both feed and incubate young chicks. This is why it is important that if anyone sees young or juvenile birds on Ashdown Forest they should record their sightings (preferably with a 6 figure grid reference please!) and submit them to either us or the SOS.

There will of course be winners and losers in this, it’s not *all* bad news! Those birds who arrived early or that are resident and managed to nest early in the season should’ve been okay and raised their young in fair weather. Away from the Forest at wetland sites where water is now no longer missing Grebes, Coots and other birds will benefit.

Hopefully the Summer season will return soon and we can all get out onto our patches (or just go for a walk!).

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