Rye Harbour – 22nd August 2015

Only five of us turned up for this event – Alan N, Alan and Maureen, Bob P and Sue P. It looked promising, with bright sunshine – though unfortunately the temperature rose steadily as the morning went on, meaning that we’d all had enough by lunchtime!

Most of the best sightings were from the first hide, where we could see dunlin, ringed plovers, juvenile pied wagtails and ditto wheatears. Mipits, oystercatchers, avocets, common and Sandwich terns were added to the list; from the middle hides we also saw kestrel, sparrowhawk, grey partridge, swift and sand martin (these the more notable species), whilst on the walk back we were very pleased to have excellent views of yellow wagtails.

Bob took the photographs that accompany this brief report.

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Bird Group Outing to Pulborough Brooks RSPB on 12th April 2015

Seven members set off at 9:30AM on a bright sunny but breezy day with previousnightingalely reported Scarce (Yellow Legged)Tortoiseshell butterfly and Nightingales being high on the “to look for” list.

The rare butterfly was not reported that day, but Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and Brimstone were seen. Some of the party only stayed until lunch time, and up to that point the Nightingales Continue reading

SOS Bird Race 2015

There’s still time if anyone is interested in getting a team together for the annual SOS Bird Race. The Race is to get as many species of bird in one day and raise money through sponsorship, all in the name of charity of course! Teams can pick any day from 1st January to 11th January 2015. Monies raised go to the SOS.

If you are interested please contact Val Bentley on [email protected] or ring Continue reading

Bird Group Outing to Dungeness RSPB – 6th Dec 2014

On a bright, sunny, but crisp morning, Sue, Martin, Bob, Judy, Maureen, Alan, Jeremy, Deidre and Al met at the visitor centre.

Sue, Martin and Al had already seen nuthatch, feral pigeon, goldfinch, blackbird, collared dove, starling, black headed gullpheasantcarrion crowredshank (in Rye), curlew (Camber golf club) and jackdaw along the way and prior to our arrival at the reserve, we had all Continue reading

Tawny Owls Being Killed on Ashdown Forest Roads

It has been reported (East Grinstead Courier, 30/09/14) that at least 10 Tawny Owls have been killed on the roads around Ashdown Forest in the last 6 weeks alone. The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) sent out a plea to motorists to slow down at night after having to deal with and care for the Owls at the road side. It is a sad fact that a lot of our wildlife gets maimed or Continue reading

Ashdown Wildlife Facebook Group

For anyone wishing to post or find sightings, pictures or general Forest-related information please visit and join our new Facebook group Ashdown Forest Wildlife (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ashdownwildlife/)

It is an open group so anyone can join and post and openly discuss the wildlife of Ashdown Forest. We ask you to please be polite, posts be relevant to Ashdown Forest and to refrain from Continue reading

Eagles – Yes Eagles!

It would seem that our “Eddie the Eagle” is possibly not alone. Although he’s moved away from the Forest for now there appears to be a reports that there may actually be more than one bird, with one reported in Pig Bush area of the New Forest and the other (albeit unconfirmed at this time) over in Kent near Canterbury. The plot thickens! We await to see if “our” Eagle comes back.

Eagle Watch

Both Gills Lap and Long/Airstrip have had many avid bird watchers and twitchers virtually camping out waiting for views of the Short-toed Eagle, some come every day to watch. The bird eats snakes and other reptiles so it has hung around an area where there are a fair amount of both but especially lizards. There is only a finite amount of these so food may become a problem, this is probably when the Continue reading

Short-toed Eagle – Gills Lap / Wrens Valley

Short-toed Eagle on Ashdown Forest, 15th June 2014We were glad to see that the Short-toed Eagle returned to Ashdown Forest for another tour around. A number of the group managed to see it, others unfortunately dipped, although there’s nothing to say it won’t hang around or come back again! At around 13:30 it was circling and looking for a meal over Gills Lap and Wrens Valley, then slowly it drifted over Old Lodge. It’s not every day the Forest Continue reading