Forest Blaze

Forest Fire Pano #1

Traveling across the Forest today (around 3pm) past Poundgate I could see billowing smoke coming from the next valley over beyond Crows Nest Clump. Fire engines, 4×4 rescue vehicles and a helicopter were all screaming to the scene. Pulling in at Poundgate with a throng of other people we watched as distant fire fighters tackled the blaze and the helicopter buzzed overhead.

I managed to take some, albeit distant, photographs.

The smoke was strongest around the perimeter of the pylon enclosure and being blown southwards by a cool breeze. I suspect this wasn’t helping the fire fighters!

Upon leaving Poundgate and driving up to the staggered crossroads, the Police had closed the road across the top of the Forest (with good reason!).

Later at around 6.40pm we were heading back in that direction and found that not only was the road still closed but New Road was also closed! After a detour down to Maresfield and back up the A26 we slowed to view the damage. The valley between Crows Nest Clump and Kings Standing looked completely scorched. There were still a few vehicles and people out there but the main blaze had been quelled fortunately.

I hope this hasn’t caused too much damage to the area. It has been a good spot for birds over the Winter months.

Helicopter in the Fire Forest Fire #2 Forest Fire #3 Forest Fire #4

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