Out of Control Dogs

A lady rider had an unpleasant incident today where she and her horse were surrounded and intimidated by five barking dogs. Luckily her horse was well schooled and steady and she was able to leave the situation with safety. This is not the first time such an incident has happened with the same dogs. A child or a less experienced rider could have had a very nasty accident!

The dogs are a black Labrador, a black Labrador puppy (just a few weeks old), another black dog and two Bichon Frise (there may have been a sixth dog in the undergrowth). ┬áThe dogs are being walked by a male who obviously has no control over them. I am informed he has been seen between 09.00 and 09.30 and at approx. 15.30. Due to the mix and number of dogs he could be a ‘professional’ dog walker – we would really like to find out.

If you see these dogs please steer clear of them and get in touch with the Forest Centre – particularly if you see them getting into a vehicle – a licence plate number would be helpful to identify the owner and to make a report to the police.

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