Proposed Clay Pigeon Shooting at Weir Wood

Do you value peace and tranquility? Do you bird watch at Weir Wood? If that was yes then you need to read on!

A planning application has been submitted to Wealden District Council for a clay pigeon shoot and corporate hospitality. It would be situated not far from the nature reserve. Shooting would take place between 9am and 6pm every day, 360 days of the year.

We need your support to help try to stop this, please visit the Friends of Weir Wood website for more information (click HERE) and details on how you can help.

2 thoughts on “Proposed Clay Pigeon Shooting at Weir Wood

  1. I am absolutely horrified at the plannining application submitted for the clay-pigeon shoot. I will do all I can to help stop this in its tracks – if there is anyway Friends of Standen Estate can help let me know. It really will be over my dead body!

    • Hi Susan, if any of your members do write to object please can you notify the Friends’ of Weir Wood the number of objectors? Many thanks!

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