Recording Form How To

In this guide I will attempt to explain how to use the new recording form. These are only guidelines, if anyone has any suggestions or queries about the recording form please do let me know!

The form is laid out in several sections, lets now look at these starting at the top.

Recording the Location
At the top of the form you need to enter details about the site, date and time, and who it is recording. Please use one form sheet per visit, there isn’t provision for different dates on the form!

Recorder Name – Your name or the name of the person you are recording for. If you have Microsoft Excel then you can put this in straight away and before printing it out.

Site Code or Name– The name or code of the area you are recording in. Again if you only record in a single area you can put this in straight away before printing. The name of a site is usually based upon the car park name, but the SOS/BTO also have a list of the sites with a corresponding code, to help us and to help you the official SOS/BTO site names and codes are listed below:

Code Site Name Grid Ref
2918 Ashdown Airmans Grave TQ4628
2920 Ashdown Army Training area TQ4530
2069 Ashdown Barnsden TQ4728
3008 Ashdown Bell Heath TQ433292
2985 Ashdown Braberry Hatch & Lakes TQ4229
2923 Ashdown Broadstone Car park TQ4233
882 Ashdown Broadstone Warren TQ433328
2043 Ashdown Cackle Street TQ4526
668 Ashdown Camp Hill TQ4629
1317 Ashdown Chelwood Beacon TQ4229
1109 Ashdown Chelwood Gate TQ4130
134 Ashdown Chelwood Vachery TQ4330
2925 Ashdown Cherry Orchard TQ4133
1294 Ashdown Chuck Hatch TQ4733
2926 Ashdown Church Hill TQ4932
2927 Ashdown Churlwood (CWD) TQ4130
377 Ashdown Colemans Hatch TQ4533
1334 Ashdown Cripps Manor TQ4032
2928 Ashdown Crow & Gate TQ4828
100 Ashdown Duddleswell TQ4627
3151 Ashdown Dumpys Car Park TQ4432
2986 Ashdown East Chase TQ43
55 Ashdown Ellisons Pond TQ4628
1193 Ashdown Fairwarp TQ4726
80 Ashdown Five Hundred Acre TQ4832
3010 Ashdown Five Ways TQ422306
1646 Ashdown Fords Green TQ4427
1019 Ashdown Forest Blackhill TQ4730
1278 Ashdown Forest Centre TQ433323
840 Ashdown Forest Crows Nest TQ4728
85 Ashdown Forest Hollies TQ4528
76 Ashdown Forest Kidds Hill TQ4532
50 Ashdown Forest TQ4332
1018 Ashdown Four Counties TQ4631
49 Ashdown Friars Gate TQ4933
834 Ashdown Friends TQ4529
2931 Ashdown Garden of Eden Stream TQ4629
2930 Ashdown Garden of Eden TQ4629
1264 Ashdown Gills Lap TQ4632
2932 Ashdown Golf Course TQ4133
1266 Ashdown Greenwood Gate Clump TQ4731
728 Ashdown Hindleap Warren & area TQ4132
1267 Ashdown Horder Centre TQ4931
277 Ashdown Isle of Thorns TQ4230
1785 Ashdown Jumpers Town TQ4632
1639 Ashdown Kennedy Clump TQ4131
2933 Ashdown Kidbrooke Park TQ4133
59 Ashdown Kings Standing TQ4730
876 Ashdown Lavender Platt TQ4034
2934 Ashdown Lone Oak Hall TQ4732
2935 Ashdown Lumbston Stone TQ4033
1784 Ashdown Marlpits TQ4528
1765 Ashdown Marsh Green TQ4633
1265 Ashdown Millbrook TQ4428
1332 Ashdown Misbourne TQ4527
2936 Ashdown New Airstrip Pond TQ418310
1641 Ashdown Newbridge TQ4632
2937 Ashdown North Chase TQ43
493 Ashdown Nutley Windmill TQ4429
143 Ashdown Old Airstrip TQ4231
2939 Ashdown Old Lodge Estate TQ4529
53 Ashdown Old Lodge Reserve TQ4630
2434 Ashdown Old Mill TQ4830
2921 Ashdown Park TQ4231
375 Ashdown Pippingford Park TQ4430
1817 Ashdown Pooh Bridge TQ4733
1289 Ashdown Press Ridge Warrn TQ4131
2940 Ashdown Radio Station TQ4728
2941 Ashdown Reservoir TQ4130
2942 Ashdown Ridge Ponds TQ447329
2943 Ashdown Ridge TQ4332
1268 Ashdown Roman Road Area TQ4729
3011 Ashdown Rushy Bottom Copse TQ423312
2938 Ashdown South Chase TQ43
2944 Ashdown Spring Garden TQ4526
2945 Ashdown Stonehill TQ4528
2946 Ashdown Streeters Rough TQ4229
2436 Ashdown Stumblewood Cmn TQ4030
81 Ashdown Tabell Ghyll TQ4432
133 Ashdown The Goat TQ4032
868 Ashdown Townsend Car Park TQ4432
1263 Ashdown Twyford Lane/Farm TQ3931
1314 Ashdown Tylehurst TQ4133
3136 Ashdown West Chase TQ4230
2947 Ashdown West Wood TQ4330
1295 Ashdown Wood Eaves TQ4932
77 Ashdown Wrens Warren TQ4732
2987 Ashdown Wych Cross Place TQ4031
70 Ashdown Wych Cross TQ4131
2442 Fairwarp Oldlands Hall TQ4727
2924 Fairwarp Browns Brook TQ4626

Site Grid Ref – This is a 4-figure grid reference for the area you are recording in. If you put in the site code then you don’t necessarily have to fill in this field. If you only put in the site name then please record a 4-figure grid reference for the site.

Date & Time – The date and time of your visit to the site.

Recording what you’ve seen
The main part of the recording form is, obviously, where you log what you have seen or heard. If you count the same species at more than one location or have different sexes within the same count please use a different line to ensure all details are properly recorded.

Species Name – The full name of the bird species.
Count – The number seen or heard.
Sex – Whether it was male (M), female (F) or juvenile (J).
Age? – If it is a species which can be further broken down, for example blackbird has a 1st winter stage, please abbreviate as appropriate (e.g 1stW for 1st winter, 1stS for 1st summer, etc).
Hrd? – Tick if the species was heard calling/singing or not.
FO? – Fly Over, whether the species was flying or not.
FO Dir – If applicable, the rough direction the species was flying in.
Behaviour – Please enter any appropriate Behaviour Codes, details of which can be found HERE. They can also be found on the bottom of the new recording form.

Grid Ref – This is the most important field next to the name and count! A 6 figure grid reference must be entered for each and every species recorded (no ifs or buts, everything!).

Rec. Type – Please enter any appropriate Record Type codes, details of which can be found HERE. If left blank A (Actual count) will be assumed. They can also be found on the bottom of the new recording form.

Time Seen – If recording something fairly unusual please enter the time you first saw it, possibly including the last time as well. For some species like Hen Harrier recording all the times it was seen on a particular visit is very useful information but please do make a note of the last time and possibly durations as well. Please use the Notes field if you run out of room!

Notes – Any additional information you think is useful for the record.

And finally… Listed on the bottom of the form are the Behaviour Codes, Record Type codes and some basic guidelines. And thats it! If you have any problems, questions or even suggestions for the recording form please do let me know. Also if you have trouble printing it I’d like to hear from you!

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