Red Kite over the Forest

Reported today by one of our recorders, two Red Kites near Wych Cross heading north. This species has been slowly moving in to the South East after release and feeding programmes on the Chilterns and surrounding areas.

Another recorder has seen them previously over Uckfield and along the A26.

Buzzards too are becoming a far more common sight in the South East, naturally expanding their range. It is not uncommon to see Buzzards along Sussex roadways and across the Downs where they are doing well.

9 thoughts on “Red Kite over the Forest

  1. Saw a Red Kite over Stroods Lodge, opposite Barnsgate Manor Vineyard drive, Herons Ghyll, Uckfield Sat. 30th March 2013.

  2. Hi David, I wondered the same thing. Sos is Sussex Ornithology Society
    If you need to post your Os map ref. Google “Magic Maps”, this will help you find your location grid ref to add to the Sos website if you want to post your sighting.

    • Sorry I should’ve posted the link for you both. I use the OS Get A Map service which is free but you do have to join, this gives six-figure grid references that are required for entries (both to us and them). If you are interested in regularly recording on the Forest let me know as we have an online recording system. Thanks!

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